The 4th City Cup English Public Speaking Competition


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The 4th City Cup English Public Speaking Competition


The 4th City Cup English Public Speaking Competition is going to be held in the second semester, and the contest this year will be part of the series of events celebrating the 40th anniversary of our beloved school! The General Education Department (GED) of City University of Macau looks forward to seeing all the talented speakers in our school joining this year’s big event!


ORGANISER:       General Education Department (GED), City University of Macau

TOPIC:                  City U-topia: Enjoying U Life


Interested students can apply online through the website:

Or scan QR code: 



APPLICATION DEADLINE:         26 February 2021      (FRIDAY)

PRELIMINARY SELECTION:       8-13 March 2021      

FINAL COMPETITION:               10 April 2021              (SATURDAY)



ELIGIBILITY:        All City University Full-time Undergraduate Students




1st Runner-up

2nd Runner-up 

Best Manner

Most Popular Speaker

(Finalists without prizes will all be given a merit award.)





  1. Application

Interested students can apply by submitting an application form to the Department of General Education Office online through the website: by 26 February 2021. List of candidates for the preliminary selection will be announced by 5 March 2021.


  1. Selecting finalists (Preliminary Selection)

In the preliminary selection, all candidates will need to give a prepared speech on the given topic and be interviewed by a panel of judges (English teachers of GED) who evaluate the applicants' performance. 10 applicants are to be selected to enter the final. List of finalists will be announced by 16 March 2021. All the finalists will have to submit their final draft to our Department before 3 April 2021.


  1. Training session(s) and Workshop(s):

Selected finalists may be given training session (s) before the final competition (depending on the availability of possible guest speakers or trainers), which helps them further improve their speeches and their public speaking techniques. The training session(s) may be scheduled in the 2-3 weeks before the final competition.


  1. Final:

The Final, which will be on 10 April 2021 (Saturday), will be conducted in the following way.


The first part is the prepared speech session. Each of the finalists has to give a 4-minute prepared speech on the given topic. No visual aids or props may be used. A timekeeper gives signals at 3 minutes and 30 seconds (to indicate that 30 seconds remain) and at 4 minutes (to indicate that the participant’s time is up and the participant must conclude the speech). Contestants who speak for fewer than 3 minutes and 30 seconds or more than 4 minutes may be penalized by the judges.


Upon finishing the speech, the contestant has 1 minute and 30 seconds to answer a question from the question master(s), which will be related to the speech. Timekeeper gives a signal at 1 minute and 30 seconds to indicate that the contestant has to stop.


In the second part, which is the impromptu speech session, the contestants will be given an unseen topic and expected to give a 2-minute impromptu speech on that topic. At the end there will be a question-and-answer session where the question master(s) can ask the contestant 1 question about the given speeches.


The judge panel for the final may comprise English teachers / experts, reputable scholars in the field and representatives of respectable education providers.



Open for Admission