Dingfang SHU, Distinguished Guest Professor


Distinguished Guest Professor, Doctoral Supervisor for Applied Linguistic Programme



Shanghai International Studies University(PhD, Linguistics and Applied Linguistics)



Editor-in-chief, Language Teaching for Young Learners (2018-)

Editor-in-chief, Shanghai High School English Textbook (2018-)

Deputy Chief Member, The National Foreign Language Teaching Advisory Board under The Ministry of Education (2018-2022)

Board member, International Cognitive Linguistics Association (2015-2017)

Board Member, Journal of Pragmatics (2006-)

Editorial Board Member, TESOL Quarterly (2010-)
President, Chinese Cognitive Linguistics Association (2006-)
Editor-in-chief, Journal of Foreign Languages (1999-).



Chair Professor, The Shanghai Center for Research in English Language Education

Chair Professor, The National Research Institute for Foreign Language Teaching Materials

Editor-in-chief, Journal of Foreign Languages

Shanghai International Studies University

Principal of Shanghai Foreign Language School Affiliated to SISU (2017-2020)

Chief Expert, The Shanghai Center for Research in English Language Education (2016-) Professor, Shanghai International Studies University (2002-)

Director of Research, Shanghai International Studies University(2005-2011)
Associate Professor, Shanghai International Studies University (1999-2002)
Deputy Director, Journal of Foreign Languages, SISU (1996-1999)
Lecturer, Nanjing Auditing Institute (1992)

Research Area / Research Interests

Cognitive linguistics
Foreign language teaching


Recent Major Publications (recent 5 years) 

Shu, D., et al. High School English Textbooks (SISU Ver.), Foreign Language Education Press. 2020

Shu, D., et al. A Cross-country Comparative Study on Middle School English Textbooks. Foreign Language Education Press. 2022

Shu, D., et al. Textbook Development and Foreign Language Teacher Development. Foreign Language Education Press. 2023

Open for Admission