Healthcare and Wellness Simar Series

Child development, elderly care and mental health are significant concerns to the community. The Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences of the City University of Macau (CityU) is organising the Healthcare and Wellness Seminar Series via online and on-campus formats to help faculty members, students and the general public gain understanding of these concerns and draw attention to the development of physical and mental well-being of individuals. The seminar series will host for six consecutive weeks (Wednesdays) at the Luso-Chinese Building L208 at the Taipa campus.

With the theme of “Serving the Macao Community, Caring for the Elderly and Children”, the Healthcare and Wellness Seminar Series invited experts and academics from University of Nottingham Ningbo China, Second Xiangya Hospital of Central South University, International Research Centre for Child Language Development (Chinese: 在助國際兒童語言發展研究中心), Metropolitan University of Hong Kong and City University of Macau to give six science popularisation seminars on various topics, namely “Secrets behind Effective Language Development among Children”, “Child Language Disabilities”, “Autism Spectrum”, “Dysphagia among Senior Citizens”, “Anxiety under COVID-19 Pandemic”, “Trauma-Informed Care, Communication, and Bonding”.

Interested parties can click here to register the seminars or scan a QR code featured on a promotional poster to sign up the lectures. (Instruction language: Chinese)

Open for Admission