Professor Toshio Kawai delivered a master class ‘The Advantage of Using Images for Psychotherapy’ in the City University of Macau

Professor Toshio Kawai, a professor in emeritus at Kyoto University, the ex-president of the International Association of Analytical Psychology (IAAP) and a Senior Jungian Analyst, was invited to deliver a captivating lecture titled ‘The Advantage of Using Images for Psychotherapy’ at the City University of Macau on October 21, 2023. The event was organized by the Institute of Analytical Psychology of the City University of Macau, and co-organized by the Macau Jung Center, DG. Professor Shen Heyoung was the host of the lecture. This event attracted 60 students and over 20 local mental health professionals in Macau. 

During the lecture, Professor Kawai provided a profound interpretation of how analytical psychology of Carl Jung utilises images as a primary tool in psychotherapy. He emphasized that image can be in the form of dreams, sandplay, or artwork, all of these can plays a significant role in the therapeutic process. Professor Kawai showed various advantages of utilizing imagery, highlighting its ability to stimulate self-healing capacities and open up new possibilities for personal growth. 

Furthermore, Professor Kawai shared his insights on how to use focused attention when working with images. According to Professor Kawai, the application of focused attention is a crucial aspect of exploring the usage of image in psychotherapy, as it helps students to gain a deeper understanding and mastery of therapeutic techniques. Professor Kawai emphasized that interpretation is an essential part of Jungian analysis, it guides us to understand our inner world and life experiences. It not only aids in comprehending and resolving psychological issues but also facilitates self-awareness and personal development. Additionally, Professor Kawai explained the importance of using focused attention to understand and interpret the content of dreams. He emphasised that the application of focused attention is vital for comprehending the meaning and conducting an in-depth analysis of dream. Through the usage of focused attention, one can delve into every detail of a dream, leading to a deeper understanding of oneself and self-healing. 

Students from the Applied Psychology program at the City University of Macau expressed that the lecture provided them with a profound understanding of analytical psychology of Jung and the usage of image in psychotherapy. Professor Kawai's insightful lecture have inspired the students for their future work in the field of psychology.

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