The Foreign Language Education and Research Center (FLERC) is to be established as a foreign languages resource center striving to promote and support the teaching and learning of foreign languages in City University of Macau through its various projects and activities. The center will perform its teaching and research functions as part of the FHSS.


The objective of FLERC is to ensure the learners acquire the necessary language skills and knowledge, and cultivate professional talents for the society who could master a foreign language, be familiar with international communication and also have professional expertise; provide unique interdisciplinary foreign language programs; sustainably develop researches in foreign language and culture, translation, language teaching, intercultural communication, etc.; providing high qualified foreign language training and education services for local residents docking with the development of Macau and the country.


▼Main functions

-Offering different foreign language courses for local, mainland and foreign students, from basic language skills courses to special skills courses to advanced language courses;

-Organizing campus language activities and local social activities;

-Offering programs in foreign language studies;

-Introducing language testing and training program;

-Supporting teachers’ self-improvement in areas such as teaching skills and academic research, and encouraging teachers to attend international meetings and conferences;

-Organizing academic lectures for teachers and inviting specialists to supervise language teaching and researches;


FLERC Programs Coordinators

Dr Iris Mak - Program Coordinator of Bachelor of Arts in English 


Dr Carina Liu - Program Coordinator of Curso de Licenciatura em Português


Open for Admission