Master of Social Work(Chinese)


Program Description         Study Plan


City University of Macau created the first master's degree program in social work with localized characteristics and specialization in Gerontology and Management in Social Work. The course is set up in response to the policy of the Macau SAR Government to raise the level of social services to meet the needs of disadvantaged groups and solve the social problems accompanying economic development so as to cope with the social changes and challenges in Macau.


Course Features

  • First professional program in Macau based on "Gerontology" and "Social Services Management".
  • This course aims to cultivate social workers capable of managing and planning so that social services can be more effectively allocated and applied.
  • It aims to support the major needs of Macau and Mainland China in this service area as well as to cultivate high-end professional management personnel to provide the first training platform for the development of future professional supervisors and to lay the first training ladder for social workers in Macau to meet the challenges of social services.
  • Course curriculum combines research, theory and local practice experience to respond to future development and social challenges.


Core Skills

  • Nurturing internationalize social work professionals with advanced skills and knowledge to meet the ever-changing social needs.
  • Equip students with advanced research skills and the application of professional knowledge.
  • This course will enable students to specialize in learning social sciences such as geriatrics and social services management.
  • Able to demonstrate critical thinking and analytical skills in social work from diverse perspectives.


Our Faculty

Our faculty members are a dynamic community with enriched research and professional practice experience, who actively engaging and working in local and international communities and bringing those experiences into the classroom so as to enable students to understand social work from multiple sources and perspectives, which will benefit their future development.

Career Opportunities

Our program trains a cadre of professional social workers with not only advanced professional skills and knowledge, but uphold highly the professional ethics and values. Graduates will have the professional knowledge and ability of geriatrics or social service management and higher research ability. On the other hand, graduates also have the option of continuing their education in doctoral programs related to social work.



  • Administrative staff of public administration service
  • Management of non-profit organizations
  • Supervisor of social service management
  • Teaching staff in the areas of sociology and social work
  • Public relations, research and analysis of the nature of the work
  • Business Administration Human Resources Management

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