About GED


At City University of Macau, General Education is an integral part of undergraduate education, providing an all-round education for undergraduates and promoting the comprehensive development of students' intellect.

General education captures the very essence of human being’s spiritual civilization as the primary means to promote all-round education. Such implementation of balanced education allows the widening of students’ horizon, cultivation of their sound thinking and optimization of composite quality. Hence, students are able to understand and fit better in the society; go with the current development tide and successfully adapt themselves to the rapid burgeon of today’s world.   

The ultimate goal of General Education is to educate all-round talents who possess abilities of integration of resources, critical thinking and innovation, also who demonstrate artistic, decent physical and mental qualities. In this sense, the goal of holistic education could be achieved.

The execution of General Education adheres to these concepts: all-round education, global vision, integrated thinking and mastery, holistic education.

General Education courses can be divided into the following five aspects,

1) General Education Foundation and Language/ (GFL)

This area aims to equip students with fundamental knowledge and skills required for becoming high-level specialists in the Chinese cultural circle, covering university Chinese and literature, writing, English, and Portuguese etc.

2) Nature, Science and Technology/ (GEN)

This area introduces fundamental knowledge on natural science, modern science and technology category, the basics of the frontier as well as the latest achievements. The objective is to broaden students' awareness of nature, science and technology; guide them to recognize scientific discoveries, principles and methods. Furthermore, students are instructed to comprehend, scientifically, the humanity position in this natural world and the technological impact imposed on modern life.   

3) Society and Culture/ (GES)

This area covers major categories in Humanities and Social Sciences studies, particularly focuses on the basic knowledge, dynamics and latest performance of emerging disciplines. It enhances students' understanding of the ways in which human societies are constituted and different cultures are presented. Students are also introduced to the theories and methodologies in terms of social, political, economic and cultural phenomenon.

4) Literature, Art and Cultural Heritage/ (GEC)

This area presents Chinese and world history, contemporary literature, and classics and essence of arts. Leaping over time and space, students are guided to understand main features of culture and arts, consciously appreciate Chinese culture as well as acknowledge its heritage and its connection with our modern life.

5) Self-discovery and Humanities/ (GEH)

This area encourages self-exploring and examining from a broader point of view, appreciation of the diversity of values and beliefs, and reflection on the meaning of human endeavors. Students are thereby gaining a better understanding of themselves and learning to think rationally, which facilitates sound development of their physical and mental health.

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