Xiao-Kang Gao, Doctor




Academic Qualifications

Doctor of Literature, Nanjing Normal University
Master of Literature, Nanjing Normal University
Bachelor in China Linguistics and Literature, Lanzhou University


Current Position

2015-Now Vice Chairman of Academic Committee of urban Science Institute,Shanghai JiaoTong University
2014-Now Instructor (Part-time) Of City University of Macau; Prof. Of Nanjing University, Doctoral tutor


Working Experience

2003-2014 Prof. Of Sun Yat-sen University, Doctoral tutor, Vice President of the Institute of China ICH
1995-2003 Prof. Of Sun Yat-sen University, Doctoral tutor, Vice President of College of Liberal Arts


Courses Taught

2016/2017 Academic Year 1st semester
MC015 Intangible Cultural Heritage Studies


Research Area

Traditional Chinese Culture and Aesthetics
Safeguarding of ICH
Research on Urban Culture
Research on Cultural Creative Industries


Academic Awards

2004 The 2nd Prize in Philosophy and Social Science ,Guangdong
1995 1990’s Literary Review Outstanding Paper Award, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences



Xiaokang Gao(2009): Urban Development and Inheritance of ICH, Beijing: Peking University Press
Xiaokang Gao(2008): Grassroots under Neon, Nanjing: Jiangsu Peoples’ Publishing House
Xiaokang Gao(2003): Fashion and Image Culture, Tianjin: Baihua Literature and Arts Publishing House
Xiaokang Gao(2001): Citizen, Scholar and Story, Beijing: People Press

CSSCI Journal Articles(selected)
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Professional Affiliations

2005-Now Standing director of the Society of Chinese Aesthetics
2003-Now Standing director of China Society of Chinese and Foreign Literary Theory
2003-Now Director of China Society of Literary Theory

Open for Admission