Lixian Jin 金立賢 講座教授 院長


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Ph.D. in Linguistics and Pedagogy, University of Leicester



澳門城市大學人文社會科學學院 院長

澳門城市大學教育學院 院長(兼)



2016-2021  Head of School of English, UNNC

2011-2016  Chair Professor of Linguistics & Intercultural Learning (2011-2016) and Director of Centre for Intercultural Research in Communication and Learning (CIRCL) at De Montfort University



Applied Linguistics; Intercultural Learning









Examples of academic books on language, learning (over 100 edited books and textbooks)

  • Sun, YZ & Jin, L. (eds.) (2018) Intercultural Research, Teaching and Practice. Beijing: FLTRP (pp. 144)
  • Zhu, H & Jin, L. (eds. 2014) Development of Pragmatic and Discourse Skills in Chinese Speaking Children. Amsterdam: John Benjamins Publishing Company (pp. 134)
  • Jin, L. & Cortazzi, M. (eds.) (2013) Researching Intercultural Learning: Investigations in language and education. Houndmills: Palgrave, Macmillan. (pp. 304)
  • Cortazzi, M.& Jin, L. (eds.) (2013) Researching Cultures of Learning: International perspectives on language learning and education. Houndmills: Palgrave, Macmillan. (pp. 376)
  • Jin, L. & Cortazzi, M. (Eds.) (2011) Researching Chinese Learners: skills, perceptions, intercultural adaptations, Houndmills: Palgrave, Macmillan
  • 2004-2016 Jin, L. with others, as a series cultural editor, author, and editor for 60 China College English textbooks and teacher training books by Macmillan with Shanghai Foreign Language Education Press (SFLEP) and Macmillan with Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press (FLTRP, Beijing)
  • 2020 (Jin, L. and Cortazzi, M.) translator and series consultant for 45 textbooks of Wonderful English and their teaching training materials for Chinese kindergarten learners and teachers.

Examples of Journal Articles (out of over 30 articles)

  • Jin, L.; & Cortazzi, M. (2020) Reaching for the Gold Standard: metaphors and good university teachers. Chinese Journal of Applied Linguistics.
  • Cortazzi, M. & Jin, L. (2020) Quality Questions: Researching Through Interviewing. Journal of Language and Communication, 7(1)
  • Cortazzi, M; Pilcher, N & Jin, L. (2018) Music Generated Narratives: Elaborating the Da Capo Interview Technique. The Qualitative Report. 
  • Jin, L. & Cortazzi, M. (2016) Practising Cultures of Learning in Internationalising Universities. Special issue Journal of Multilingual and Multicultural Development. pp.1-14
  • White, C.D.L. & Jin, L. (2011) An Evaluation of Speech and Language Assessment Approaches with Bilingual Children, International Journal of Language and Communication Disorders. Vol. 46; No.6, 613-627 (SSCI)  
  • Jin, L. & Cortazzi, M. (2006) Changing Practices in Chinese Cultures of Learning, Language, Culture and Curriculum, Vol. 19 (1) 5-20 
  • Jin, L. (2003) Facing uncertainty: the effects of SARS on an innovation in university coursework assessment, Educational research journal, vol.18 no.2 pp.83-93 
  • Cortazzi, M; Jin, L; Wall, D.; & Cavendish, S. (2001b) Sharing Learning through Narrative Communication, International Journal of Language and Communication Disorders, vol.36, supplement 2001, pp. 252-257 

Recent Examples of Book Chapters (out of over 50 book chapters)

  • Cortazzi, M. & Jin, L. (2020) Approaching Narrative Analysis: 28 questions. In S. Delamont and M. Ward (eds.) Handbook of Qualitative Research in Education, 2nd Edition, Cheltenham: Edward Elgar.
  • Jin, L. & Cortazzi, M. (2019) Early English Language Learning in East Asia, in Sue Garton and Fiona Copland (eds.) Routledge Handbook of Teaching English to Young Learners. London: Routledge. Pp. 477-492
  • Cortazzi, M. & Jin, L. (2019) Journeys of Learning: Dimensions of metaphor and narrative landscapes across cultures. In M. Hanne & A. Kall (Eds.) Narrative and Metaphor in Education: look both ways.    London: Routledge.  978-1-138-31087-2. Pp. 164-176
  • Razak, R.A.; Jin, L.; Lim, H.; & Aziz, M.A. (2016) Profiling Malay Children’s Syntactic Development: a Malay-LARSP, in P. Fletcher; M. Ball and D. Crystal (eds. Volume 2) Assessing Grammar: The Languages of LARSP. Bristol: Multi-lingual Matters. pp. 135-171
  • Jin, L.; Zhou, J.; Hu, XY.; Yang, XL.; Sun K.; Zhao, MD.; Yang, F. (2015) Researching Attitudes and Perceived Experiences of English Learning by Kindergarten Children and their Parents in China. The British Council Research Papers 
  • Jin, L; Razak, R; Song, J; Wright, J. (2014) Issues in Developing Grammatical Assessment Tools in Chinese and Malay for Speech and Language Therapy, in Heather Winskel & Prakash (eds), Psycholinguistics in South/Southeast Asia, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. Pp. 
  • Jin, L. with Rogayah A Razak and Bee Lim Oh (2012) C-LARSP: Developing a Chinese Grammatical Profile for Clinical Assessment in Malaysia. In M. J. Ball, D. Crystal and P. Fletcher (eds.) Assessing Grammar: The Languages of LARSP. Bristol: Multi-lingual Matters pp.208-229 



·     Executive editorial board member for International Journal of Language & Communication disorders, UK & USA (2003-)

·     Associate Member of Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists (1996-) UK

·     Editorial board member for International Journal of Intercultural Communication Studies, USA (2006-)

·     Academic journal reviewer for over 30 international journals (1996 -)

·     Academic reviewers/evaluators for professorship and senior promotion of academics (2011-) internationally (China, UK, USA, Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, Hong Kong, etc.)


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