Xiang Huang 黄祥 助理教授


☎ +853-85902234
✉ xianghuang@cityu.edu.mo



Ph.D in Applied Linguistics, Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona, Spain



Reviewer for the Journal of Qualitative Health Communication



  • B.A., Southwest Minzu Univeristy, China, 2009.09-2013.6
  • M.A., Guangdong University of Foreign Studies, China, 2013.9-2016.6
  • Ph.D., Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona, Spain, 2019.10-2023.02



  • News translation, interpretation topics, English-Chinese Simultaneous Interpretation



  • Discourse analysis, health communication, metaphor, translation studies

主要成果與著作 (近五年)

  • Xiang Huang. (2023). Metaphor, Stance and Obesity in the People’s Daily (2010-2020). In: STANCE, INTER/SUBJECTIVITY AND IDENTITY IN DISCOURSE. Marín-Arrese, J,. Hidalgo-Downing, L., & Zamorano-Mansilla, J.D. (eds) (2023). Peter Lang.
  • Xiang Huang. (2022). Book review: Brookes, G. & Baker, P. (2021) Obesity in the News: Language and Representation in the Press. Cambridge University Press. Journal of Corpora and Discourse Studies, 1(1): 26-29.
  • Xiang Huang. (2022). Book review: Brookes, G. & Daniel, H. (eds). Analysing Health Communication: Discourse Approaches. Qualitative Health Communication, 1(1): 151–153.
  • Xiang Huang & Mario Bisiada. (2021). Is obesity just a health issue? Metaphorical framings of obesity in the People’s Daily. CADAAD Journal, 13(2). 18−40.
  • 莫爱屏,黄祥,官雪梅. (2020). 岭南旅游翻译文本中文化身份构建的语言景观视角. 外语与翻译(03), 33-39+98. [Aiping Mo, Xiang Huang, Xuemei Guan. (2020). Construction of Cultural Identity of Lingnan Culture in the Perspective of Linguistic Landscape: A Case Study of Tourism Translation. Foreign Languages and Translation (03), 33-39+98];

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